Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life Goes On

     Hmmm, so I have not been very faithful to keeping up with this blog:-)  As much as I think about our adoption (maybe only every other minute of the day?), life is not standing still.  And I guess this is a good thing - staying busy seems to be making this long process a little easier to endure.
     When we started our dossier process (think A LOT of paperwork) at the beginning of June, I was told that it usually takes six months to get all of these documents together.  My super-mom plan was to get it done much faster, of course.  And now here it is (almost six months later) and we are still plugging along.  I have had to learn through this that sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do but sit and wait (and pray:-)

     So here's an update in where we stand in all of of this...
     -our Home Study is complete (yay!!!)
     -we have started sealing our documents
     -we have sent off our I-800a paperwork (immigration)
     -just yesterday we had our USCIS biometric fingerprints taken

    Here are some pictures of what we have been up to during these last six months...

We took our yearly trip to the beach...
maybe the last time as a family of four!
We feverishly cleaned the house for our home visit from
our social worker...our house will never be this clean again:-)

Henley turned seven.

Henley and I spent time together at "Mommy and Me" G.A. Camp.

Griffin turned five...


...and started K4 with sweet Mrs. Roberts.

Henley started first grade.

We went on our yearly Pumpkin Patch trip with the Banks' girls.

Nathan decided to go to Louisiana to do storm damage work. 
I believe his favorite part was meeting Troy from "Swamp People."

The kids picked out their very own Halloween
costumes...yes, Griffin is a sock monkey pirate.

Please pray...
-that our dossier will make it to China in a timely manner (the holidays may hold things up)
-for patience as God works out His perfect timing and matches us with the child who was always meant to be a part of our family
-for that child, that he/she will have not only physical needs met until we can be there, but emotional needs as well
-for an easy transition when we get home (for ALL of us!)
-for the UNADOPTED (the many children waiting, and those who will never be adopted)

May God bless you and your family during this Thanksgiving season!