Thursday, May 16, 2013

LOA...Woo Hoo!!!

     On April 29 I received an email while Griffin was at karate - our agency had our LOA!!!  This is our letter of acceptance saying that China accepted our letter of intent for Hudson - he is offically ours!!!  When I saw what the email was about, I muttered "yes" under my breath (like I haven't probably done since junior high).  I am sure all the parents around me were wondering why I suddenly got all giddy and had to run outside:)  The most exciting part of the email was the part that said "you will travel approximately 10-14 weeks after getting your LOA."  I calculated the numbers...that means that we will likely leave to go get him at some time in July.  All this time I had been trying to take advice of a friend who has done all of this before - "think about the longest possible time it could take before you travel and tell yourself that is when you will go - then you won't set yourself up for dissapointment."  All along I have told myself it will most likely be August, maybe even September, before we leave for China.  We never let ourselves imagine it could be July.  Hudson will turn one on July 5...maybe we can have a little belated birthday cake with our sweet son. 
    Along with the news about travel also came the realization that we have to pay Hudson's orphanage fee and our expenses for a two week stay in China by July.  This total comes to about $12,000 - almost half of the total adoption cost.  One fundraiser we are having is this weekend - a yardsale.  We have had so many sweet friends donate GREAT stuff.  This includes a double inflatable water slide with pool ($500 new), an entertainment center, air hockey table, many nice clothes (girls boutique outfits and shoes), baby items (like-new Kalencom girl's diaper bag with accessories), toys, and MUCH MORE.  Come check it out if you are in the area... Henley and Griffin will be selling ice pops if it starts getting hot:)  We will be set up next to Southside Family Pharmacy (used to be Lawley's) from 7-1 (May 18).

     Our fundraiser called "100 Good Wishes" is still up and running.  Check out our page below or click on the good wishes button to the right of our blog...

     I always like to share a picture before I close.  While I don't have any new pictures to post, I did discover some priceless information and photos of Hudson's early life (or "Qiu" as he was called).  While browsing on Facebook I discovered where he spent the first six months of his little life - a wonderful place called Little Flower.  This special place takes care of abandoned infants who need specialized care (such as preemies, children w/ cleft lip and palate, and more).  I had a clue that he might have been there, so I started searching through their 2012 photos.  And look what I found:)

     God is SO good...we had no idea these pictures (along w/a few more) even existed.  What a priceless gift we can give our son...the proof that he was so loved and cared for as he waited for his "forever family."  Look up "Little Flower Projects" on Facebook (or China Little Flower on the web) to see the awesome number of lives that they touch!