Saturday, January 19, 2013


     When we began our China adoption, we also had to learn the adoption "lingo" that goes along with it.  Such as...
-CCCWA (Chinese Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption)
-dossier (our "application" to adopt)
-DTC (dossier to China)
-LID (log in date)
-LOI (letter of intent)
-PA (pre-approval)
-LOA (letter of acceptance)
-TA (travel approval)
-CA (consulate appointment)
     I am so excited that after 7 1/2 months...out dossier is DTC!  It was actually mailed yesterday, but I didn't check my email until today:)  I just hope that when we are sent a child's file to review that it is a day that I actually check my email...
     It will take up to three weeks to get our LID.  Once we have that, then we just wait to be matched!  But it is really hard to say how long this part of the wait will be - it could be a month, it could be 12 months.  Here are prayer requests we are asking for as we WAIT...
-peace as we wait for God's perfect timing
-that God will lay a blanket of protection over Anna Li, and hold her hand until WE can
-that Nathan and I will take this time to smother Henley and Griffin with our love and fill up their love "tanks"
-that God will be preparing Anna Li for our family, and us for her arrival
-for a smooth transition as we adjust to becoming a family of five