Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guangzhou in Pictures

We have been very busy since arriving in Guangzhou.  Hudson is doing well-he just gets very tired easily.  Naps help:)  We arrived here on Sunday.  We were very glad for a change of scenery, but are just so ready to get home and see our kids.  And ready to get Hudson settled into his new home!

Goodbye, Zhengzhou!

 A small park behind our hotel in Zhengzhou
 A Buddhist temple in Guangzhou
Burning Incense

The entry to the Chan family home and grounds...


Our group waiting for the kids' medical check-up
(Hudson slept through the whole thing!!!)

Views from the river cruise

Hudson in his traditional clothing

CCAI Group 2012

Our group's babies with Kathy, our Guangzhou guide 

All the babies love Kathy! 
When they get fussy, she sings to them in Chinese. 
It works like a charm:)