Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama - Two Months with Hudson

I am so guilty of starting things and not finishing them.  A dress sewn for Henley, behavior charts for the kids.  I am determined to follow through and complete this blog!!!  I have to remember this is not just for me...this is something I hope Hudson will read and treasure one day.  I don't know if I will keep up with our "ever after" part of the story.  My main two reasons for starting this blog were...
1.  To record this adoption story for Hudson and our family
2.  To hopefully be a voice for orphans, and to ignite a spark in the reader's heart for the fatherless

"Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed. 
Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows."
Isaiah 1:17

We arrived home on August 9, Griffin's 6th birthday!  After more than 24 hours of travel (and no sleep for mom and dad) we arrived at the Birmingham airport around 9:30 pm.  We were so surprised to be met by our family and some members of our Sunday school class.  Everyone there to greet us also made Henley and Griffin feel very special - that meant A LOT to us.

Getting off the elevator to be greeted by friends and family

Happy Boy!

We missed Henley and Griffin SO much!
Finally, our family of five is together.
I can't lie and say that life at home has been a flawless transition.  I always admire the bloggers who tell it the way it is, even life's messy moments.  But I can say it has been ok, and getting better each day.  Thankfully, Hudson's transition has been pretty good.  Getting a sleep schedule worked out took a while, but he is finally sleeping through the his own room!  I was completely prepared to co-sleep with him for a while, and he did sleep in a crib in our room for the first two weeks.  However, he wanted to wake up and play with us for about two hours each night.  I do know that part of this was from having to completely flip-flop his nights and days.  However, these little "play times" did not last as long if we were not in the room with him.  After a couple of nights of Nathan in the guest room, me on the couch, and Hudson in the master bedroom all by himself, we decided to try him out in his bedroom (which is very close to ours).  A few nights later, and he is sleeping through the night!  At first I was sad, thinking we had totally failed at the co-sleeping for bonding idea.  But hey, each child is different and you have to do what is best for your circumstances.  At least that is what I am telling myself:)

The change has been hard at times for Henley and Griffin.  A lot of it has to do with the timing...a new school year started only one week after we came home.  But the good thing is that they are totally in love with Hudson, and love showing him off.  Jealously comes when he gets a lot of attention from others.  On one particularly hard day I was trying to explain to Henley that all babies get more attention for a while, that they are more dependent on the families for a while.  She said, "But he's not getting attention because he's a baby.  It's because he is different!"  Ouch.  That really opened my eyes to how they are feeling.  And I couldn't deny this statement.  It just means that I have to reaffirm daily how much I love them, no matter how they came to be in this family. 
The kids are not the only ones having to are Nathan and I!  I had always heard that going from 2 to 3 kids was difficult, and to that I can say "Amen!"  On one particular hard day I made the following comment to Nathan..."How is it that I can manage a classroom of 20 students, but I can't seem to manage my own three kids!!!"  I just have to keep reassuring myself that the "picture perfect" life does NOT exist...and I have to stop looking at other people's lives on Facebook:)  It is so easy for the enemy to whisper words of doubt into my heart.  This experience has kind of lately been a battle of spiritual warfare for me.  Satan is definitely real, and battling against God every second!  Questions of doubt such as "is your home really the best for this child" and "wasn't life just easier before?"  It embarrasses me to share these things, but I want to share the truth.  Adoption is not easy, it is not a fairy tale where everyone lives happily ever after.  It is moments of such joy and awe that you did not believe were possible, and it is sad, low moments that just take your breath away.  My verse of comfort lately has been...

"The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you;
 He will never leave you or forsake you. 
 Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 31:8
One of the most amazing things is to witness how many milestones Hudson has mastered in such a short time!  When he came to us two months ago, he was army crawling to get around.  He is now crawling around on all fours, pulling up on everything, cruising around on two feet while holding on to something.  He waves, feeds me some of his snack, and wags his finger back at me when I tell him "no no no."  And the best are his deep belly laughs.  The boy definitely has a sense of humor.  The funniest is when Henley or Griffin are crying, and he mimics them and acts like he is crying too.  It is so funny that it makes them stop least for the moment:)
Here are some pictures of our sweet new son since we have been home.  Thank you tremendously for your prayers and support during this time in our lives.  We are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family!




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