Sunday, July 5, 2015

If We had Not Adopted

     Two dates that mean a lot to our family are approaching.  July 5...Hudson's 3rd birthday.  And July 29, Hudson's "Forever Family" day.  I find that I am pretty emotional around this time (more so than usual - poor Nathan).  The following quote pretty much sums up my feelings around his birthday...

     In the crazy business of every day life I must admit that many days can go by without thinking about her.  But today I do.  I wonder who she is.  What does she look like?  What are her likes and dislikes?  Is she married?  Does she have other children?  I think my biggest question is this...does she think about Hudson?  Especially on today's date, July 5.  And I constantly pray that our merciful God has answered her questions.  I pray she knows he is healthy and full of life.  He is a son and brother.  That our family would not be complete without him.

     And so where would I be today without Hudson in my life?  Probably less stressed, a little more financially comfortable.  Maybe the house wouldn't be as messy or there would not be as many doctor's visits.  And most likely my relationship with God would be where it was before all of this began.  Predictable and lukewarm, at best. Has it been easy?  No.  Would I change a thing?  Never. 

       These are some of my favorite adoption quotes...

     Adoption is God's heart.  It's what He did for us.  Having Hudson in our family is my daily reminder of this.  If my sinful, broken heart can have so much love for Hudson, just imagine His great love for me and you?
     So what if we had not adopted?  These are just a few of the things that we never would have known...

-it is possible to love someone you have never met
-family is not defined by DNA
-what "the power of prayer" really means
-with God, we can do more than we ever imagined
-God does not call the equipped; he equips the called
-His timing is perfect
-He truly does "make all things beautiful in His time"

     Our lesson in Sunday School today was found in 1 John and focused on Christ-like love. 

   For me, adoption and orphan care are the picture of Christ-like love.  And sometimes I get so  frustrated because shouldn't everyone feel just as passionate as  I feel about this?  But today I came to the realization that while God wants everyone to have such a passion, not everyone's will look like mine.  It might look like caring for widows, foreign missions, or teaching preschool Sunday School.  Maybe it is feeding the hungry, local missions, or church planting.  But whatever it might be, be on fire for your passion.  I know what it is like to go from luke warm to on fire.  I know because God used another family's adoption story as my spark.  And with Hudson came the flame.
     Happy "3" today, Hudson.  We are so blessed to be your family.

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